Once there was a Girl.

Once upon a time there was a girl. She was brave in spirit and confidant of her place in the world. She knew a taste of the plans God had for her, and could not wait to get started. You see, this particular girl had a heart that longed to feel cool evening air drifting off a mountain side, to see enormous blue skies touch the earth in every direction around her, and smell the musty scent of horses and leather. She longed for the country, and to do something different from her urban peers.

So she got her degree, found the biggest dog she could get her hands on, loaded them both into the cheapest SUV that could someday pull a horse trailer, and headed West.

The girl made friends. Good, good friends. And there were adventures, many adventures. Crossing the Continental Divide,  camping in Breckenridge, campfires  with coyotes serenading above Ground Hog, jeeping in Moab, mission trip to Albania, fishing in Dolores, soaking in the secret Rico hot spring, seeing Indian ruins with no fences around them, cross-country skiing on days off, and hiking Sand Canyon with the large dog who learned quickly about small cacti. It was a beautiful place, and a beautiful life.

But life is full of change, and nearly 15 years later the girl is a woman. And the woman has  moved back to where she started from. She has two kids, one husband, and a fist full of chickens.  Gone is the dog. In it’s place is a bunny. Gone are the wild adventures, and now the days are full of poopy pants, mountains of laundry, endless snotty noses, and peanut butter sandwiches. But the daughter has done the one thing the woman never was able to do, join 4-H as a child.

So now we’re up to the night before the daughter’s first rabbit show. The bunny was grimy from  digging in the backyard mud and sharing a frat house with 30 ducklings. The daughter has high hopes, and no idea she is competing against grown men who have done this for decades. The woman realizes at this moment that her adventures are not over. They just changed shape and speed. Rather than sharing sleeping quarters with mountain lions, the woman is now submerging the back end of a bunny into warm soapy water, dodging razor sharp claws, and scrubbing the under carriage of a Holland Lop. The second part of the slow-motion adventure leads the woman blow drying the now sparkling poop chute of the future show bunny. The woman is coming to realize she had no more desire for adventures. She has had her fill. The hankering for a new quest had quietly slipped down the drain like the fuzzy bunny water. And the woman was peacefully happy with this. She was tired, so tired, and content, and forgetful, and did she mention she was tired?

The woman could not remember the details of the many adventures. Those parts of her brain were wiped clean, little by little as they were replaced with pediatrician  appointments, preschool field trips, and the last time everyone’s bed sheets were changed. Is there still a load of wet laundry in the washer? The woman didn’t know. But she did manage to get one eager little girl to one very early bunny show. And the bunny with the sparkling under carriage took 5th place. And the woman knew her place in the world yet again. Professional bunny scrubber.



Judge at the Rabbit Show. 20151024_093343


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