Keeping Moderately Behind the Jones’

Stop the Presses and praise the LORD!! The Schenanigans Family has just mowed the front lawn before June! Now I am by no means jockeying for that lush, soft, Kelly green carpet that screams Best Lawn In Town/Retired People Live Here. But I wouldn’t mind being a few more notches above our current lawn situation that sputters I Have Squatters Rights, at anyone driving by.

I realized today the futility in attempting to go to the YMCA, spend my energy in Water Fitness class, only to arrive back home with no time, or energy,  left to try knocking chores off the old To Do list. So I abandoned my Aquatard wearing classmates and spent 3 hours raking, mowing, planting, seeding, and watering the yard. Manchild was my trusty sidekick, soaking all things with the hose, and piling wet potting soil on my porch like a champion. Well, someone had to do it.

I feel like I have a new found love of physical labor today. ‘Cept I couldn’t figure out why it was new found. Then it hit me. I don’t have any kids in diapers! So of course I get to care about my lawn and spruce it up now! I have extra energy! See, the rule of limitations is that you prioritize what has to get done, along side the amount of energy you have, and run down the list until the lesser important items get the last fleeting few moments of your time. The least of all items never make it on the To Do list at all.

Case in point, if you spend 10 minutes changing a diaper, and say you change your kid 6 times a day (for a 3 year old) to 12 times a day (for a newborn), that’s 1 to 2 hours of your day you get BACK when they no longer require this service. Now you can take that time, and invest it further down that need to/want to do list, even adding new things for a change. For me, it’s taking yard work from just mowing, to actually raking up fallen limbs instead of trying to grind them back into the earth with the mower. Also, adding colorful flowers, re-seeding bare spots, and adding plant food for the first time since we moved in 2 years ago. See, potty training Manchild (who took his sweet, stinkin time getting there)  has scratched “change your kids diaper” off my list forever, and given me a little extra  energy to put toward the next thing I want done on my list. Fan-freakin-tastic, I say!

So while I may not be able to move out of my desk chair at work tomorrow, I can at least claim bragging rights that my muscles are crying tears due to real, live, actual labor. Not just a physical affliction from some gym equipment that tried to convince my frequently vacationing core that it was active.

If I can accomplish regular lawn care after potty training my youngest, imagine what I can do when Manchild starts all day Kindergarten in 2 years. On second thought, lets just just calm down and pace our selves. Keep that bar low.  No need to run ones self ragged by a routine cleaning schedule or other nonsense. I hear Netflix is making another season of Longmire…






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