April Showers Bring Sweet Hours

I love rain. Especially if it means that I get out of chores, like watering the front lawn and new flower/garden beds. I never was much for remembering  that whole landscape hydration concept, and most of what I plant in Spring ends up crispy and Sorority Girl Bronze by mid- July. Eh, that just means that no one has to water for me when I go to the Fair in August, right? 20160427_171541

Rain also makes staying inside and skipping chores like re-painting your porch rockers a logical choice for how to spend your Friday. Who doesn’t like that? Yesterday the warm, shiny weather that had been creeping in all week, whispering sunny promises of summer, bailed out like a deadbeat prom date and left a cold, gray, rainy day in its place. Manchild and I hung-out in the art room (think wooden floored living room that’s too small to be useful) doing crafts and staying dry.

  20160424_161830Where did last weeks tropical weather go?

Actually, to be more specific, I was creating a weight loss chart and reward system, complete with princess stickers and rewarding pedicures, while Manchild was using his foot to work his sisters stapler. Considering the stapler was actually a recent birthday gift for Girlchild, and she loved it enough to write a her name on a tag and tape it to the beloved stapler, I had to object to the ongoing office supply abuse (There simply isn’t enough awareness for this cause. Don’t worry, I’ll make a rubber bracelet…).

“Manchild”, I told him “That’s Girlchild’s stapler, and if you break it she will be very sad!”  “Welp… that’s unfortunate.” Four year old Manchild replied nonchalantly.

Clearly my attempt to appeal to his softer side and assist him with making the right decision fell flatter than my homemade cakes.  Plus, I got shot down with my own catch phrase. That’s a double parenting whammy!

So, that brings us to today. The weather a mirror image of yesterday, but with enough of a break in between the showers to allow Manchild and I to visit the long-awaited Webers Farm spring opening. We like to hang out by the mini goat pens and figure out how to sneak one under our sweatshirts and hustle it back to the car! We also like to pet their noses, and just today realized that they only have teeth on their bottom jaw. How on earth could I have missed that fact for so long?

Anyway, like yesterday Manchild and I are back in the art room. I’m decorating my newly purchased second-hand food journal, and Manchild is absorbed with his new-to-him toy jeep I bought for his Ninja Turtles to carpool in. Continuously stealing the Barbie car was causing some strife in the family. After he demonstrated, um, I’m not sure what, but it was something I acted impressed to see, Manchild climbed up and sat next to me as I put a thin pink Sharpie to work on my marble notebook. I had to continue the roller coaster of perseverance I mustered yesterday, and making the cover as appealing as possible was the best I could think of.


I then noticed the small index finger at my shoulder silently finding its way into Manchild’s nostril for exploration. “Manchild, don’t pick your nose” I instructed.

“But that’s what Manchilds are FOR!” He argues back. Sometimes “clever” has a hereditary way of backfiring. I remember when I confessed to a then 4-year-old Girlchild my exasperation at all my failed attempts to encourage her to make healthy snack choices. Her concerned response was ” Well, just keep trying!”. Awesome, thanks a heap.

So my mini-sidekick and I move away from arts & boogers, an on to snuggling deep under blankets on the couch. Nothing but time ahead of us for the afternoon, and a solid 2 hours before Girlchild tromps off the bus. I couldn’t have thought of a better way to ease into the week-end. Rainy days definitely encourage snuggling and physical recuperation from a life “out there”. While I can’t say gazing out the window is anything more than dreary, it does make being  inside feel especially cozy.

As I type this in my pajamas,  I have a fuzzy yellow chick asleep on my chest. The sweetness of feeling her tiny breaths is bliss. And reminds me why I got married in January. Cold weather makes for very snug relationships!







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