Getting Dumped And Liking It!

Today day dawned clear and crisp in Baltimore. The skies were a fresh blue with bright white clouds, like God just finished painting them. I stepped outside, turned to my husband, and announced, “It’s a great day to go to the dump. Do we have anything we need to take to the dump?”

Now to explain, the County Dump is a magical place to small children. I doubt this is exclusive to little boys, but Manchild loves trips to the dump. Especially when they include throwing sofas or old dressers over the edge of the Great Cement Wall, and watching them burst wide open and spill their guts all over. If that weren’t enough, then the front end loader comes by and shoves away all the consumer casualties into a big mashed up pile, ready for compaction. It’s kinda impressive, actually.

If the County Dump ever started hosting birthday parties for children, Manchild would have an annual shindig. What is more exciting to a 4-year-old boy than watching stuff fall and break, followed by heavy machinery? I say the County is missing out on a highly marketable revenue idea. Enough of this taxes business.

Today, sadly, we were only dropping of a glass doored wine cooler that just took us as far as the appliances section. We never made it to the Great Pit of Trash. The original plan for this hand-me-down broken wine cooler was for incubating hundreds of fertile chicken eggs at a time. But once I realized I could never get an accurate temperature with 4 thermometers, and ended up elbow deep in rotten turkey eggs off of eBay, I was off to other endeavors and the wine cooler was no longer needed it. Good thing we never put any time or effort into fixing it.

After the great dump run, we made a quick trip to the dollar store. Which, in actuality, is about as likely as petting a unicorn on a subway. There are no quick trips to the Dollar Tree. There are simply too many treasures in the land of so much cheapness! Like hardback books and seasonal decorations, those are my favorites.But as I was perusing the Father’s Day cards for Captain Schenanigns, I hear a “Praise the LORD!” in a small deep voice that could only be Manchild. Turns out, he had found a whole bag of foam replacement darts for his dart rifle. Let the praises ring, indeed!

We also needed to look for a replacement mug for Daddy, since a small girl accidentally shattered his Christmas one doing the dishes. It was white with red letters, saying “Bacon give me a reason to get out of bed”.  It was a buck here last Christmas, $12.50 on eBay last week, and low and behold, there was one more for a dollar today. They must not be hot sellers (bunch of vegans). WIN_20160606_19_07_47_Pro

Last outing of the day was a dip in a friend’s pool. The water was wildly on the chilly side, what with the pool being filled 2 days ago and all. Manchild was sporting his blue Speedo life vest, thanks to his tendency to shove his face under  water and leave it there too long, and had convinced me to lay across 2 floatie/foam logs. He explained that I was a school bus, and it was my job to deliver him around the pool. It took some flailing and inhaling to get myself balanced, but I took one for the team and Manchild displayed patience. His explanation ” That way if you drown, I stay safe”. Way to play this one out in your head, little buddy!

But all in all I love the water, and practiced a fair bit of my water fitness moves in the pool for a decent workout. We went home spent and happy. We delivered a meal for some friends,  and collected our Girlchild from the bus stop.

I am more than weary of meeting that large vehicle which  swallows up my girl each morning,  then belches her back up every night (Jonah and the Whale style, in my head). Having a kindergartener means for the first time in adulthood  summer break means something to me. I’m counting down the days til our freedom, and preparing adventure in my mind. A trip to York, PA for their sweet playgrounds, The Land of Little Horses in Gettysburg, and maybe an extra camping trip to try out or newly purchased gear. Going anywhere north of Baltimore is inviting and relaxing to me.  Plus, I  bet you the Dumps in PA are fantastic (I’m picturing mounted deer heads, red flannel,  and Chevy lift kit debris everywhere).   Come on June 17th!!





2 thoughts on “Getting Dumped And Liking It!

  1. Sounds like a very busy day! I love the dollar store too! Can’t get outta’ there just spending one dollar though! Can’t believe you found the mug you wanted!


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