Oprah’s Got Nuthin’ on My Favorite Things

Lately I’ve been noticing the marvelous details  God places in my life for no other reason than for my own enjoyment. Feel free to leave a note with a few of your own, everything’s better when you share!

  1. Miniature Horses: What was God thinking?  As if horses themselves weren’t phenomenal enough, we get to order them in sizes? I spent 6 hours today loving up these pint-sized cuties at the Land of Little Horses in Gettysburg, PA , and we could not get enough. Manchild became a professional Horse Hugger, and these aren’t even his favorite animal (it’s a toss-up between peregrine falcons and cows, since you asked)! 1ccafe71-0322-4df4-957f-e6eac85515fe
  2. Draft Horses: OK, repeat the stuff above about horses being phenomenal and able to order them in XL as well. But add to that the fact that very few things in this world truly make me feel small, but a good draft horse does. Every time. Not only that, but God always makes the biggest creatures the most gentle. Head shakingly incredible; I  always enjoy time around these creatures. I kissed the Belgian mare (Mini was her name, ironically ) at the Land of Little Horses today. Like lippy, nuzzly, water to my soul…  (she’s just to the right of Girlchild out of shot in the pic below)4c0262f5-41bb-466b-bc4b-27a6fe983b58
  3. Happy Rabbits: I LOVE the way bunnies jump and twist in the air when they are free. SO. FREAKIN. CUTE. Especially when running though my living room, as though they were just passing by, on their way to happy exciting times. Rejoice!Jc4QWi8
  4. Chicken Sneezes: I have a black hen, Sassypants, who I’m starting to believe has allergies. She’s not sick, lays well, clear eyes, dry nares, eats like a horse, and sneaks out of her chicken run daily to free range in the backyard. She’s not sick. But every couple of days or so, I will hear multiple sneezes in one day from her, and they always make me happy. For no other reason than pure entertainment, God issued this girl a sneeze that sounds EXACTLY like a squeaky toy. Scarily identical. And I can hear it from the front lawn, like some one squeezing a puppy toy one quick time. It’s fantastic.
  5. Floppy Eared Rabbits:  ” Why  stop at one kind? Lets make more, you say? Sure! Bring out the droopy parts, lets see what fits on the rabbit chassis”, God said in Genesis. 20160119_173301
  6. Pedal Tractors: Manchild drove his imaginary John Deere tractor through all of Silent Night during the Preschool Christmas Pagent last year. All the other kids stood up to sing the final song, but Manchild sat on the riser. He had both arms out to grip the imaginary steering wheel, with his spitty lips vibrating like paint shakers as he made his engine sounds loud and clear. For such a child as this, God made the pedal tractor. And then placed 9 of them in Manchild’s path today for all 6 hours. It was pure boy bliss. Which makes for a happy mama, I love boy sounds!3ac75b1f-6ec8-4dca-ba92-78c5cc013d55
  7. Speech Flaws in Kids, and Their General Misinterpretations: I love the way kids pronounce things. The foyer is always the “foiler” in our home, and you have to memorize the fact that Manchild pronounces squirrel as “girl” to have decent shot at understanding what he’s saying. But todays fun word fumble was when Manchild was trying to get Girlchild and I to understand that he thought the words “fat” and “back” rhymed. We thought he was saying flat. After a few frustrated moments, he finally spat out “No, fat! Like a fat hiney!”. Ahhhhh, now that I fully comprehend. I also enjoyed Girlchild informing me that one of the cows at the farm was a girl because it had an udder. “An other what?” Manchild asked. This repeated a few times over before we caught on to what was going on in Manchildville. Who’s on first, you say?
  8. Bunnies Resting With Splayed Frog Legs: ‘Nuff said.sKLFINb.jpg
  9. Fuzzy Animals Washing Their Faces: Cute critter factor + someone else doing the laundry  = way more enjoyment than it should be.b1cc5a93514110ab83692e42c7507517
  10. The Inability Of Small Kids to Hide Without Giggling: I adore it. Perhaps God did this to keep me from panicking over a missing boy, but it’s fantastic. Especially when said hiding child is yelling, “Say ‘Where’s Manchild?’ ” over and over. Shamelessly coaching me on how to play his game until I find him. My life would be joyful without this game, but it’s over-flowing with it!  20150526_200407Manchild playing Hide-and-Seek with Captain Schenanigans, and killing it!


These are a few of my favorite things, the icing on my life story cake. It’s a sticky buttercream; slightly over beaten and splattered on all the walls. Perfect in my eyes!


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