My head is ready to explode with all the political thoughts I didn’t ask to read on Facebook. My kid hit me in a public parking lot, and I later had to pick his poop up off the ground beside my car. It was a pretty average day, with those average low points, but all that doesn’t matter too much anymore because SOMEBODY GAVE ME A CAMPER!!!

Yep, you read that right. Gave. Me. A. Camper!!! It all started out as just your typical visit and play date with some long-time friends who live out of state. They were back in town visiting grandparents (who then gave me cucumbers), and we were on their docket to see them today just after the Schenaniganlet’s riding lessons (which my kids were fantastic at, by the way, not living vicariously through them at all. Nope).

It’s always nice to step back into a relationship you once lived in daily. These were friendships we had made before any of us were parents, and our families took different routes to grow, but watching our children play together was like sunshine on a booming bud. It just opens up with a fresh scent and beauty, all color and delicacy everywhere. Ok, my kids are not delicate. My 59lb six-year-old can lift a 50lb feed sacks at Tractor Supply. Nor do they smell good right now, it is summer after all. But you get the picture. We’re pleased as punch that the 4 of them get along so well.

Three hours together with 3 girls ages 4 and 6 yrs old, yet Manchild only sustaining 2 head injuries, one smashed knee, and a big splinter; that’s how smooth it went! Usually Manchild is the one doling out the abuse after feeling left out by the girls. I’d say this is a family blending win! But then, I shouldn’t be surprised. I mean, it’s not shock you would have great kids when you are nice enough to GIVE ME A CAMPER!


Now I don’t need any frills. I have zero interest in dealing with camper potties or potable water, and that’s important, because this one doesn’t have any holding tanks to support such notions. Not a problem. I popped out my trailer hitch (the one Captain Schenanigans texted me was hidden in my trunk storage compartment) stuck it on the back end of my Pilot for the first time, and stood up to admire my work. I felt a great sense of adventure at the thought of driving 45 minutes back to Baltimore towing something. I mean, who goes to visit friends while their husband is out of town on business over night, and comes home pulling a camper for the first time? Yeah, turns out, it wasn’t me.

After it was brought to my attention that I installed my hitch upside down, I sheepishly righted the situation and eagerly awaited the keys. Turns out, it was a bit more complicated than that to hand over a camper. I will actually need a way to engage the camper’s breaks, temporary tags, and the title (which is probably in Ohio).

Not a problem, we will get right on that this month, then return to pick up our parting gift camper. In the meantime, I plan to plan, scheme, and daydream about how to set up this bare bones wooden box of a camper into a sweet portable bedroom/den on wheels. I am super excited. I thought for sure Captain Schenanigans was going to say “no” when I called him in Fairfax, VA. He’s used to me calling him from various rural locations and doing some swift talking to gain his enthusiasm; there is always some poor creature I want to drag home to the backyard. But this time he matched my enthusiasm instantly. It was gloriously exciting.

But I married a man who likes to tinker with stuff, and can build anything so long as I entertain the kids during most of it (he does like to teach them about things). This works well, as long as I drag home things that don’t breathe.  LIKE A CAMPER!

So we got home late, tired, and snippy from our exciting day. The kids took turns complaining about their hydration needs, and I managed to drop a freshly gathered egg in the backyard because I didn’t want to bother with the egg bucket. Bah. When I stepped back in the house and saw my 2 pajama-free nekkid children, after my very specific pajama instructions were ignored, I had to fight the urge to throw the remaining eggs at them. Not so much because I was mad, but because they thought staying naked would be funny, and I thought pummeling them with fresh eggs would be funny. But of course I adulted like a champion and put the eggs in the kitchen where they belonged. People who throw eggs at their children do not deserve free campers.


I really do have great kids. They are really, really, not kidding really, smart. Funny, good at problem solving, and painfully honest. I look forward to camping with them in this little homey space. I do not look forward to losing them back to the school system come Fall when all that need for education returns. I love our summer freedom and adventures as the Three Amigos. Even when we can’t stand to look at each other for minutes on end, I still love them deeply. I just wanted you to know that. Now, back to my camper… Thank you Jesus for being the giver of all good gifts!!!


From last week’s best gift, the surprise bunny litter, this is the runt doe. Super wiggly!





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