Let it Grow, Let it Grooow!

I heard the back screen door bang shut, and the low voice of my Manchild singing “Love Is An Open Door”, the second song in the movie, Frozen. Stepping into the kitchen to greet him I see him holding a sheepish red hen, and singing over her head. I’m guessing she’s never heard Frozen’s soundtrack. Deep inside, there is a part of me that wants to be her.

You see, I impulse bought the Frozen CD one Sunday afternoon at a drug store, when I was all hopped up on Jesus and caffeine, and just plain happy. I wanted to make more people happy, so I popped the CD into my truck’s radio to surprise the kids.

So. Dumb.

I now listen to that CD daily, and have to actively fight to get the songs out of my head. It’s to the point now that I intentionally left the CD home while the kids and I headed up to PA this week-end, refusing to be in a car with it for 3 hours.

Instead on this trip, I was driving my hubby’s new car (his died on I-95 2 weeks ago) and he had my old Pilot to get the oil changed while I was gone (doesn’t he rock). The driver’s side tire of my car was struck by another vehicle (everyone was ok) and my axial bent and totaled.

So, we are buying our second new car this month, and we refuse to go into debt (thank you Dave Ramsey), so we pay cash only. That means we’re just a baby step way from broke, but hey, that’s what we had the emergency fund for anyway.

This brings me to the Tow Yard where I’m cleaning out my busted Pilot. Honestly, I’d rather total, than clean, my car for re-sale any day. Suddenly my eye spots the Frozen case, and I stop. Now would be the perfect time to use the accident as an excuse. Just tell Girlchild her Frozen CD was totaled in the crash. No more Anna and Elsa. Sven and Cristoff went back up the mountain, and Olaf melted in the Baltimore heat.

But I couldn’t do that to my kids. It would make their hearts sad, and in turn mine would crack little bit seeing them cry. I plucked the CD and case out of the console, and stuffed it into my take home bag. I just couldn’t Let It Go to the junkyard.

Buuut, that doesn’t mean I can’t openly mock and re-write the songs! In honor of my addicted children, to the tune of Frozen’s Let it Go:


The mold grows high in the basement down there, not an a inch is to be spared.

The ceiling is growing speckled, and it looks like I don’t care.

The dust is building and the toys are piling uuuup.

Couldn’t keep it neat, Heaven knows I’ve tried.

Don’t leave your trash, don’t drop that sock!

Where’s you carpet? You always leave a trail!

Conceal our mess,

don’t host play daaaaates.

Go and rinse that plate!

Let it grow! Let it grow! Can’t wipe it down anymore.

Watch it grow! Watch it grow! Slip on out and close the door!

And here I stand, with Tilex in hand.

Let the ants march on…

The mold never bothered me anyway!



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