What To Say When You Have Nothing To Say

I love blogging. It’s fun to share the chaos anecdotes of our days as a family with you all. The only problem is… we’re often boring. We go for a loooong time not being funny, inspirational (ha, that’s most days) or terribly interesting. I don’t mind a bit, I see it as a well paced life. Buuuut, it can make it long between blog posts, which makes me feel guilty. Dunno know. I feel like blogging is a promise of sorts.

Anyway, since it’s been a while, let me catch you up in Schenanigansland. For starters, Girlchild and I spent last week-end at a local retirement community with her 4-H Rabbit Club. We brought Good Bunny and his baby son, Lolan (named after Lola –  who is now with Jesus after ‘playing’ with Jaxthecat) and the crowd loved ’em. Now, Girlchild is a smart cookie, and knows her stuff. She educated her elders on the fact that carrots are a good source of water for rabbits, and lettuce is void of nutrients for them (okay, she didn’t use void). The girl is smart.

Unfortunately, she is also highly snack driven. During this event there was a cook-out, a Roy Orbison impersonator, popcorn, ice cream, face painting, and giveaways for kids. This girl was so distracted by her belly’s longings that she had to be reminded why she was there more than once. But it was fun, and she’s getting better at teaching the community and strangers about bunnies.

Tonight we went to the Starlab at Girlchild’s school, just her and I. It was a mobile planetarium set up in the gym. Surely such fanciness did not exist when I was a kid, but here it is for this generation, a cross between a bouncy castle and a tent.  Parents were invited at assigned times to attend a 20 minute showing with their kid, who had already had a 45 minute class earlier in the week. It was fun to learn that the sun is only a medium sized star, not the biggest, but just the closest. And to be sitting in a crater on the moon, looking out from the rocks around you. My favorite part was when the outlined constellations were projected all around us and over our heads, showing us Hercules, Cancer, and Orion. Twenty minutes in this little black yert was plenty, with the projector heat and sitting on the floor, but it was a unique experience and I’m glad we got to share it.

unnamed (9).jpg

We also got to share the annual experience of flu shots! Or rather, the kids did. I got mine at work, being a public health nurse and all we lead by peer pressure. But the kids were hauled into the pediatrician’s office Friday morning before school, putting on brave little faces and pretending they, too,  believed this was a good idea.

When the tech called them back and asked who wanted to go first, Manchild threw his hand up in the air like he knew the answer, as Girlchild stood at ease and motionless. No sooner had he plunked his tiny hiney down on the swivel chair and been swabbed with alcohol when we heard an “Actually, I’ve changed my mind”! Too late. He made a very sad face but there were no tears. I suspected their crying at shots days were over.

Girlchild was next, and must have been studying her brother’s cadence the whole time, because she couldn’t even bear to watch. Usually she ogles injections with the same fascination I once had, the true daughter of a nurse. But this time was different. With one small hand over her bright, semi-toothed, face she took her shot in utter darkness, only braving the world again when it was time for stickers.

Then they bragged like champions to anyone who would listen for the rest of the day!


This morning dawned gray and dribbly. I knew for a fact that God gave us unexpected rain so that Girlchild could use her new Frozen umbrella. She had just bought it on Sunday with the money she saved from selling bunnies, and could not WAIT to use it.  After putting her on bus and blowing kisses at what was probably the wrong blonde head as they drove away, Manchild and I high-tailed it to preschool.

On the way there, we were waiting at a light, and I noticed a bright green delivery type truck parked on the side on the street facing us. I could not read the logo, and had not seen one like it before. It was parked next to a BMW garage and was boxy in shape, but pure neon in color. I asked Manchild what he thought it was for.

“It’s a battery truck” he replied matter of factly. I wasn’t sure what kind of batteries he meant, but it didn’t matter, because I was sure he was wrong. A few more squinty minutes later and the light changed. I pull ahead, and look over. Sure enough, it was a truck delivering car batteries to the garage. What?!? How does my 4yr old know these things?!

It’s a different day and age, I tell you. Girlchild has her own personal computer in her classroom (remember, this is public school) and talks about password protection. Manchild knows to sneeze into his elbow, not his hand, and sits criss-cross-applesauce in preschool, not Indian style. Good gravy.

But all in all things are trucking along relatively smoothly. I managed to order 2 bunny harnesses and leashes for practically pennies on eBay, and if it weren’t for their lack of edible contributions, rabbits would have become the new chickens in my world. I just love those furry little guys.

Anyway, that’s all from Schenanigansland for tonight. Captain and I are going to dose on sinus medication and hit the sack. Just as soon as I can locate our barncat and put him outside for the night! 😉


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