If You’re Happy And You Know It..

When my husband came home from work and asked me how my day was today, I told him the truth. “It was wonderful!”

I’ve found that while making plans for big fun is nice, it’s mostly the little things on the average days that give me the best moments. Today was one of those days. For starters, it’s Freedom Friday. Manchild and I are off on Fridays, and always trolling around for adventure. On this particular Friday, Girlchild asked to be driven to school instead of taking the bus. This week her anxiety, dormant all year, reared up with all it had and sucker punched her right before bus line up on Tuesday afternoon. Each day has gotten better, but in an effort to help Girlchild enjoy her 100th day of school (and the tantalizing goldfish cracker buffet her teacher had planned), I agreed to both drop off and pick-up Girlchild today, a rare treat (for her, my time management stinks).

That being said, we had an extra half-hour this morning after getting ready for school. So, on a whim, I showed the kids funny cat and dog videos on Youtube. Rarely do I laugh out loud at movies, but we were all cracking up over these feline/ canine accidents and antics. By the time we got to school we were all very well relaxed, and in extremely happy moods. Girlchild’s worries were gone, and she shuffled off in to school about 4 seconds before the bell rang – I hope.

Manchild and I crossed over the Mason-Dixon line to visit our favorite place, Tractor Supply, then hit the local Walmart for a few groceries. Our major scores of the day were $3 sneakers for Manchild (who wore holes in the toes of his last pair by laying through the tire swing & dragging his toes behind him, and using them to stop his bike), and a $1 shirt for Girlchild. Nice! Half of Tractor Supply was on sale, too, so we took our sweet time shopping and discussing.

Manchild and I had a date at McDonalds, and I tell you, I just never get sick of going on dates with that boy! He’s gone on as many dates with me this past year as Captain Schenanigans and I did while we were dating. Knowing he begins full day Kindergarten in the fall, I just can’t get enough of this boy. I’m going to lose my sidekick soon enough, so budgets to the wind, I’m going to soak up every moment and outing I can with my mini-warrior.

Manchild and I talked about yesterday, and what a sweet surprise we had at Dunkin Donuts. See, Manchild and I had to mail a UPS package. But the store wasn’t going to open for another 10 minutes, and Manchild was positive he was going to dehydrate in that time. Since we were heading straight to a preschool field trip afterwards sans refreshments, I agreed to go a few stores down in the strip to DD and get him an orange juice. JUST a juice, we are not getting doughnuts! As we stood by the juice cooler, debating orange over apple, a large gaggle of old men sat gossiping at 4 tables, and a policeman went through the line. Finally, we select our juice and approach the counter. As I pay for the juice, the girl behind the register informs me that the policeman who was just here was entitled to a free doughnut, but declined it. He kindly instructed the girl to offer Manchild the free doughnut in his stead. An offer Manchild had no problems accepting and selecting. “I want the one with the blue frosting!”, Manchild proclaimed pronto. Despite my best efforts to hurry us along, the cop was long gone by the time we got outside, and we never did get to thank him. Such kindness warms my heart for a few days afterwards, making even today look a little brighter as a result.

Back at home we unload supplies, then I go to put the bunnies back in their cages. They had been in exercise pens all morning, and while I spotted Manchild’s 2 does easily enough, I could not see Girlchild’s 2 bucks. Since one is super aggressive, we place them in separate exercise pens, and the girls always stay together in a 3rd pen. I checked each exercise pen, no bunny. I call their names, no bunnies. These are very friendly (to people) bunnies who ALWAYS run to us when they see us. They do not fear us in the least and never, ever hide.

Noooooo! This is not good sign. It’s too quiet out here, they are either dead or gone-  out of our privacy fenced yard. Something else they would never do, since they LOVE to stay as close to the girls pens as possible. They would never leave the girls alone.  Things were starting to look very bad, and I was dreading telling my anxious little girl that her 2 favorite pets in the world had disappeared. Then I looked over at the top to the turtle sandbox. I keep it tilted against a wall to make a hawk cover for the bunny in that pen. But now it lay face up, flat on the ground. Clearly, Lolan, the aggressive buck, had left his pen, broken into Cotton’s pen (his sweet tempered father), and started trouble. As a last ditch effort, I reach down and pick up the dome shaped sandbox cover and flip it over.

Underneath were 2 very alive and mostly healthy bucks! They were trapped together, but the dome was so low they were unable to fight (without us home to stop then they could have fought to the death in the yard), and apart from some bleeding scratches in Cotton’s ears, both bunnies were okay. It was a miracle! Lolan is missing chunks of his ears from previous fights with his dad- and that was with chicken wire dividing them! One day Lolan escaped from his cage, charged a free ranging Cotton, and it took Captain Schenanigans to pull them apart from each other, they were lock jawed onto each other’s haunches. Thank you Jesus, for looking out for the little bunnies of the world today. And for protecting the fragile hearted little girls that love them!

The icing on our cake of blessings was heading out to dinner tonight to the home of some new friends from church. Not only did I not have to cook (woot, WOOT), but the whole family got to delight in good company, and enjoy some deliciously un-burnt food. It’s pleasing to have a friend you click with, but when each member of your family has a counterpart in the same family, it make socializing easy breezy lemon squeezy. That means Manchild only made 2 of the 3 children cry and one adult nearly land on the floor. Not bad odds, considering our track record and the fact that all children are born feral.

After a day of retail therapy, socialization therapy, and finding a forgotten stash of Halloween chocolate, I’d say this day was a keeper. I have no complaints, only gratitude. And with a small blonde girl pre-heating my side of the bed til her papa tucks her away in her room tonight, I have even more cozy feelings to look forward to. I tell you, it’s the details of the day that make all the difference!

20170114_092352 Cotton posing for yet another portrait.

20160514_102346-1 The domed sandbox lid, just big enough to safely cover 2 bunnies for who knows how long!


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