It’s Not Just The Good Times

I’ve been waiting for yesterday to come for months! It was the day of the Hereford Junior Farm Fair, but that wasn’t what I was excited about. The fact that one particular chicken, Hank-the-Hen, won first place was exactly what I was hoping for. Not because everyone loves a winner, but because it makes for a better thank you note for my pharmacist, after he let me lure him into practicing veterinary medicine in the absence of a poultry vet. Grocery store pharmacist would be your the next logical source of help, right?

See, back in April Manchild’s favorite hen was mauled by our large puppy…twice. The first time I sewed her up with dissolving sutures. Then I went on a Girls Week-end and Captain Schenanigans had to sew her up the second time with regular thread and a straight needle. No fun for anyone. Given the antibiotics my friend had laying around, I just needed to know how to dose her. Enter my invaluable local pharmacist, who told us how to dose a 5lb child with that medication, and left us to draw our own conclusions.   Worked like a charm, no infections, and the hen healed beautifully. Enough that she just won a first place blue ribbon at yesterday’s fair. Isn’t that crazy!? I snapped the picture below, printed it out, and tucked it into the note of gratitude for our pharmacist.

20180804_124849 (1)

While that was what I was hoping to gain from the fair, it was by far not all that we took away from this day of fun (well, for the kids and I, Captain Schenanigans told me he is not a farmer). Both kids earned $20 in premiums for entering their animals, won ribbons for every animal they entered, and LOVED educating anyone willing to listen about their livestock. Several friends came out to support the kids and their little chests swelled with pride!



20180804_115208 20180804_114954 20180804_120929 All our girls got ribbons!  


After the exhaustion of yesterday’s many wins, I slept in and we went to the late service at church today. In an effort to beautify herself, Girlchild drenched herself in strawberry scented body spray. It has a nice smell, in small doses. I now limit her to 2-3 sprays per dosing, but never considered she’d re-apply an hour later. But shortly after the service started, my girl reaches into her miniature purple duffel bag, whips out her bottle of spray, and anoints herself.

Moments later I hear the woman behind me sniffling. I wait, and the sniffing continues. I realize I failed to turn around and greet this couple during the meet and greet portion of the service, and feel bad about that. After one more sniffle I turn around during a song, lean into her, and apologize if my daughter’s aroma has kicked off her allergies. The woman told me in a heavy Korean accent that no, it wasn’t allergies. She was going through some hard things in her life and was actually crying. I lean into her, wrapped my arms around this stranger, and squeezed hard.

Near the end of the service, the couple behind me got up to leave early. Before they left the row, the woman leans in, taps me on the shoulder, and thanked me for my warm hug, it was just what she needed she said. I pondered the fact that if it wasn’t for the fact that my blonde girl coated her body in perfume, I would have never felt responsible for this woman’s sniffles, and would have assumed allergies and never turned around. I’m so happy my girl has no olfactory self-awareness!

But in all seriousness, it is those imperfect situations that bring us into the lives of others. And us into theirs. The real stuff of life, like blizzards and downed tree, that bring neighborhoods together and form relationships. I appreciate how God made this the side effects of hardships. I know this was part of his grand design all along. That sounds like my God. 🙂




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