Love Knows No Age

Nothing personal, but I almost decided to shut this blog down. I had run out of things to say, and felt bad that people were checking and checking, with nothing new to read. Until today!

This morning was our family trip to the dentist. I had scheduled all four of us in back to back time slots, so that Captain Schenanigans is on site to help wrangle whomever wasn’t in the chair. I pulled the kids out of school mid-morning, loaded them into the van, and headed over to the dentist’s office.

En route, Manchild began to tell me about writing notes to Amelia, a little girl in his first grade class. Suspicious, I asked Manchild what the notes said. “Love,” he answered (written vocabulary is limited when you are six). I was a little surprised, and asked how Amelia reacted. “Oh, she cuts them up with scissors,” he told me, “The last one I had to say ‘stop cutting up my notes’.” My surprised heart was then saddened at the thought of this foolish little girl, who clearly did not see what a prize tender hearted warrior son was. But, oddly enough, Manchild was no worse for the wear because of it. He spoke about the whole situation as if he were discussing his school work. Very matter of fact, no disappointment in his voice.

Tucking that in the back of my mind (and by that I mean texting all of his grandparents and his dad from the waiting room), I let the subject drop and intentionally didn’t make a big deal over these first love notes. Bitter sweet as they were.

By afternoon I had returned the kids to school and  noticed that I had another hen with a coccidia parasite. This facilitated a run to Tractor Supply for mdication, and a 30 minute drive each way. Pleeeeenty of togetherness time for the three of us (Captain volunteers with the middle school youth group on Friday nights and has a get out of jail free card).

After our errand, as we were winding through the Maryland countryside heading back to suburbia, Manchild made a statement. “I wish you were going to have more babies, Mom. Then I would marry Marti ,and introduce the babies to her so they can see how nice she is”. To explain, Marti is a close friend of ours. I met her through chicken dealings on Craigslist, and she’s become of on our favorite friends. Marti has grown-up children who are married, and never fails to spoil my kids rotten with candy and soda whenever we drop off unwanted roosters. Marti has a farm, a chicken business, goats, plants, and a full time job. She is my chicken & garden mentor, and the first person I call when I get in over my head with livestock. It was Marti who told me what to buy at Tractor Supply.

I pointed out to Manchild as we drove that we don’t need more siblings in the family to bring Marti into our family. If he wanted Marti to become part of our family (because he loved her so much), he could just marry her himself (Marti’s husband passed away a few years ago). Manchild pondered this, then asked me to text this information to Marti. I explained that I was driving, but he could call her if he liked. “I’m feeling shy”, came a small voice from the back seat. “Can you call her?” he asked.

Enjoying the situation immensely, and knowing Marti would get a kick out of it, I called her. I told Marti that Manchild had told me she does such a great job taking care of us when we visit, and being so good to us, that Manchild would like her to join our family by marrying him. She laughed!  HARD!

“You know, ” I told her, “You’re not going to find a sweeter guy than Manchild.”

“Nor a more handsome or daring one,” She agreed.

Marti stated that she would accept Manchild’s offer of marriage, despite a 50 year age gap, and have a big hug and a kiss ready for him next time we visited. We giggled and laughed as Marti stated this had been the highlight of her evening!

Getting off the phone, Manchild asked me how Marti responded. “She accepted your offer, Manchild.” I relayed teh entire conversation back to him.

“Really? She’ll marry me!” Manchild stated with excitement. “Yay! Now I can stop writing all those notes to Amelia!”

      And that, dear reader, is the end of my day! 🙂





4 thoughts on “Love Knows No Age

  1. This is the most sweetest thing I have EVER heard!!! I was so delighted to be asked! I definitely said yes! Now I can tell everyone I am engaged! LOL. Glad to be considered part of the family guys! I love ALL of you! My fiancee is daring, charming, handsome and brave!! Thanks for including me in your story Beth. You have such a talent for writing! Love always, Marti


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