Snippets of Life

I was gracefully awoken at 7am yesterday morning by a hysterical 9yr old girl, who explained that her rabbit’s insides were coming out of his stomach and she could see his veins and flesh when she held him!

Outside in my flops and nightgown.

Checked Chester.

Turns out I woken up at 7am on a Saturday morning to teach my daughter (again) about testicles. Hello weekend!

That’s a out how its been around here. Today my 7yr old son informed me that believes Trader Joes’ hoagie rolls are the same bread that Jesus ate.

I just stared at him blankly and nodded quietly. Matza was a desperate times, desperate measures kind of meal, so was manna, that rules out the only Biblical breads I knew about. Soooo, why not? Some days I don’t know where he gets it.

Last night after bedtime Jax-the-Cat knocked Manchilds male mouse cage off a desk and had a very stunned mouse in his mouth when my hubby located him in the living room. After returning Ted (from Hey Dude) to his cage, the poor mouse was found dead this morning.

Manchild was angrysad, and could not decide if Ted was livestock (Manchild is trying to raise mice for a friend) to be pitched over the fence, or a beloved pet to be buried with honor. It being a Sunday morning, we left Ted in the cage and went to church while Manchild thought his feelings through.

Unfortunately when we came home, because we are indeed slow learners, the cage was open on the floor again and mouse and cat were both missing in the house. Ugh!!

Now we have two, hopefully pregnant, females we are awaiting to deliver whenever, since my mouse husbandry skills are brand new and fairly half-assed. Plus I get to stop by the pet shop next to work to pick up a new Ted tomorrow as I head home. Ya-hoo. I don’t like driving with mice in my car. Creeps me out!

But what canyado? Children are weird, God is good, and felines are crazy! Amen.


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