Not Quite Goodnight Moon

In the small square house

There was a little brother

Who was a lot of fun

And a picture of–   Two cowboys racing the sun.


And there were several brown bears on your way to the stairs


And was one yellow kitten

No matching pairs of mittens


And a Lego made house

And a white mouse


And a girl looking flush on her way to the bus

With a middle aged mother who was hollaring “RUSH”


Goodbye square house


Goodbye hens

Goodbye dog chasing all the hens


Goodbye bunny

And to brother wearing honey


Goodbye bears

Goodbye stairs


Goodbye kitten

And unmatched mittens


Goodbye dishes

And goodbye kissess


Goodbye Lego house

And Goodbye white mouse


Goodbye girl

Goodbye bus


Goodbye Dad

and couch so plush

And goodbye to the mama hollaring “RUSH”


Goodbye Barbies

Goodbye dolls

This happens to us every Fall


Racing Sunset by Tim Cox




One thought on “Not Quite Goodnight Moon

  1. I love your creatively, your thoughts and your style. You are a natural writer. Please save these writings on paper for your children . They are a treasure they will appreciate one day. Love you.  You come from a family of writers and the next generation has got the gene!😊♥️



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