Bunny Buns

I’ve got 5 angry red claw marks running down my shoulder. I’d forgotten about them til water hit ’em, but they are the raised, welty kind that sting and aren’t going away anytime soon. I suppose they were to be expected, considering I’d spent my free time today blow drying the business end of one surprisingly soggy rabbit with my hair dryer. Manchild’s white rabbit, Hops, has been having a bit of a personal problem with her back door grooming, and it has resulted in some clumping of debris. I’d been cutting it off all year, but since I scraped her tail skin with my scissors yesterday I informed Manchild today that she needs a good soaking. Thankfully, this rabbit has had several Fairs under her belt and is quite familiar with the sink. So long as we keep the water low and specific to the back end, she tolerates us and doesn’t up and die (some do).

Seeing as how I am now full time employed, the task of supervising the rabbit washing fell to my husband. Both Schenanigans men did a great job! But outdoor rabbits take forever to dry, and after sitting in the foyer all day on her wet bits, I knew this was getting us no where. Moments later I was standing in the bathroom, watching clumps of rabbit hair stick to my shirt and smelling the tantalizing odor of warmed wet bunny butt, while contemplating my life choices. I certainly did not miss getting this white rabbit ready for the Fair in 2020, and since Manchild is a 4-H drop out (he found his people among the Cub Scouts), this should be my last time blow-drying this rabbit. Lord willing and the creek don’t rise!

This was the informational hand out for the 2019 Baltimore County 4-H Fair, complete with Manchild and his bird.

Being that it is February in Maryland, and the weather is somewhere in the 30’s, I made sure Hops was good and dry before a quick trim of her nails and then sending her back out to her hutch with Manchild. Manchild is actually a rabbitlord. He rents Hops to his sister. What does she pay? She has to feed and water the rabbit daily. What does she gain? Unlimited access to Hops whenever she wants to show her to friends or visitors (Girlchild has two HUGE rabbits that are harder for little kids to carry). It’s kind of a brilliant arrangement, since Girlchild has to be outside every morning to feed her own rabbits, and Manchild sucked at daily bunny care. Everyone wins here, especially Hops (who likes to eat daily).

Girlchild a few years back with one of her fat bucks! Pro Tip: Chunky rabbits are easier to catch (the meat breeds)!

However, this week Girlchild is on vacation. I don’t know if she got tired of us, the scenery inside these walls, or a combo platter of the two, but she arranged a 3 day getaway at my mom’s house and took her school tablet with her. She’s living the only child dream life at her grandparents, and periodically calling to tell us the last meal she ate, or what they baked, or how late she stayed up. The girl looks totally happy on our calls, and I’m a little jealous I didn’t think of it first!

But someone has to keep the home fires from burning stuff, and with Captain Schenanigans going out of state for work this week and next, and my new job keeping me hopping convincing patients I am not a telemarketer, it’s hardly vacation season over here. I’m glad Girlchild had a chance to miss us and regroup with her introverted little self. Everyone deserves a little spoiling now and then, and virtual school is the perfect time to do it! Manchild wouldn’t leave my side if you pried him with a pointy stick (thank you very much Covid), so at least one kid is taking advantage of the situation!

Did I mention she’s coming home with CUPCAKES?! A definite bonus to vacationing with Grandma. You don’t get that kind of service with AirBnB! I know she misses me, but that’s good for her. Everyone should get a chance to be homesick once in a while. Helps you grow and gain some perspective, dare I suggest appreciate the mama God gave you. Also helps that mama ease into the idea of a little more space in between. An idea she’s not too keen on, either. But for now, baby steps towards adulthood are big enough for us. I’m looking forward to welcoming my girl (and her cupcakes) back home again and into our fold. While she may grow big and leave one day (or even return to a classroom everyday), today is not that day. While we all resisted that first month, I gotta say, I kinda like my Covid lifestyle. And rotating personal vacations is not the worst idea I’ve ever heard… 🙂

Check out my new desk chair! You can’t see much, but rest assured it’s a beauty!

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