Stop your striving, and take a break.

This is not a DIY site. It’s more like a summer vacation site.

I will not tell you what foods you should or should not be eating.

I will never tell you the better way to organize your home, declutter your closet, or train your dog.

I have zero plans to advise you on how to raise your kids, or those of the people around you.

I won’t streamline your schedule,or try to fix you. I think you are perfectly made just the way you are. But I will invite you to come and relax with me. Enjoy a moment away from your life to laugh with me in mine!

My name is Beth. I’m a poultry pedaling, kid raising, Jesus praising, happy housewife (and nurse) in Maryland who has found that just doing life generates a lot more shenanigans than I can keep to myself. Throw in a good bunny, a naughty bunny, and a flock of backyard hens and watch how real things can get. Let me share my moments with you, laugh together, and hopefully encourage you in your life and relationship with Jesus.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you come back often!


PS. Feel free to contact me at Homemadeschenanigans@gmail.com




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